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The Bank For International Settlements

Every democracy can, when they have acquired burdensome debt, be dictated to, by their lenders. Their lenders possess no constitutional protections, unless there are representatives sent to central locations, where they create, and then enact legislation beneficial to their lenders. We call those locations Houses of Parliament, Legislative Branches, or even a Duma.

The world wide crash of 2008 was not a financial crisis for all levels of our society. It isn't even a story containing examples of some who rode it out, with little injury. If, while you assessing the impact it had upon you, you likely missed that the crash was an attempt to drive the final nails into the top lid on the coffin of true democracies. It was a silent nearly worldwide Coup.

These democracies, as well as others that legislate in contrasting methods, were flooded with cash. As the No Doc Loan did to the real estate industries of most democracies, as well as the personal budgets of their citizens, this excessive cash turned into extraordinarily burdensome debt.

As the fight between Greece, and Germany showed this year, the lenders were back to display absolute power over every legislative organization within Greece, including, and especially its Prime Minister. These organizations even lobbied the citizens of Greece to expel their own Prime Minister, in the coming election, or they would deliberately employ numerous devastating fiscal calamities upon their nation, and citizenry. They weren't even subtle about it. They advertised, "It's either us, or him."

They had the unmitigated ego to display surprise that their threats were ignored.

The following is a listing of a series of articles. They are not written in the style of the novel. They are intended to serve as a display of human history, and world events that precipitated the return of a One Percent.

These also indicate how few, and significant the events were that catapulted a very limited few to the top, and begin the process of creating a shadow governing body.

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genetic predisposition to dominance over society
  • Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel became the chief belittler of Alexis Tsipras, the current Prime Minister of Greece. Her attacks upon Tsipras, and the plots she unfolded against Greece would normally have been an act of war.

    She was the driving force, and captain of the cheer leading squad, behind the demands, by the ECB (European Central Banks), that Greece engage in extreme austerity programs. She even promoted a campaign, directed at the Greek electorate, to dispose of their Prime Minister at the upcoming election. An extensive media campaign demanded the Greek voters capitulate to her demands, prior to her giving approval for Greece to obtain any further loans, from any bank associated with the Switzerland based central banking system. That meant that every bank in the world, would, as a result of a thinly veiled threat from the BIS, decline to provide Greece credit.

    Merkel's austere, and religious early life, in East Germany, appears to have had a significant impact. She took an extremely demanding stance, while exhibiting few symptoms of personal compassion.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel was, as a result, voted, by Time Magazine, as the person of the year, for 2015.

    Following the announcement, she appears to be displaying a form of increased narcissistic behavior, if that could be possible. I suppose that I should recall that such attitudes are endemic to those who rise to power, within Germany.

    It is not only disgraceful, it is far more. The international community had a reason to ignore what could have been regarded as an act of war.

    Her early East German life might explain her hard line display, as well as the nature of those she emulates, and sought to impress.

    Is this who she was trying to impress?

genetic predisposition to dominance over society
  • There are nineteen specific people, on the Board of the BIS. It isn't a position, for which one might apply. They're elected, and by whom is the question that would be intensely interesting to know. It is alleged that they are descendants of the Rothschilds, but I haven't tracked the ancestry of any of them. They have not permitted a United States citizen to be elected CEO, or Chairman, shortly after it was established on May, 1930, by an intergovernmental agreement. Between 1933, and 1945 the BIS board of directors included two prominent Nazi Party officials.

    You may be sure, however, that they are the planet's elite of the elite, as well as, the people that rule over whatever nation, and official they wish.

    This article is an alternate first chapter to the series of articles described below.

    Chapters two, and three of the following series of articles provides details of the Board; the history of the organization, as well as some of their extremely controversial activities.

From the Silk Road to the Central Bank.
  • This is a series that presents numerous examples, as well as the circumstances creating the initial One Percent.

    This article series includes all of the following, but in an order dissimilar to the order I present below..

  • This article is somewhat lengthy, so I created text images you may click on, and go directly to the sections specific to their titles.

    It provides an explanation about how the Inevitable Human Factor is costing us billions, and how the mistakes we make play directly into the hands of those in the shadows, and dictate to us.

  • This article starts the debate about why we should cease paying the principal, as well as the interest payments on the United States national debt. Certainly there are some lenders we should continue to pay, but I see numerous that should simply be cut off, and be told to f**k off.

  • The Nixon Shock was a series of economic measures undertaken by United States President Richard Nixon in 1971.

    I write about this, because it demonstrates my point for the need to stop the influence of foreign central banks, upon the U.S., and, consequently, on we U.S. citizens.

    Andrew Jackson was the first President to oppose central banks, and Nixon was the first to, in affect, tell them to f**k off.

  • It is the modern day steroid stuffing version of the Second Bank of the United States, and far larger than what United States President Andrew Jackson feared, when he stopped the rechartering of the bank. He considered the bank to be unconstitutional, on the grounds that the institution conferred economic privileges on financial elites, violating U.S. constitutional principles of social equality.

  • Something very ominous is taking place. It may be a more frightening, and demonstrative than any event I have witnessed in my life.

    The central banking system of the world united very effectively under the system's primary bank, the Bank for International Settlements. They held Greece hostage, and in only one week, they had strangled the nation's supply of food, and medicine. They were forcing the nation's elected government to capitulate to their demands, or they will starve the nation from its source of staples.

Please don't forget that I present my novel about how all these creeps came to be, and what makes them run like hell for cover.

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