The Novel: The Survival Guide For The One Percent. How did a One Percent come to exist, within our society? Did our new understanding of Physics provide them an edge? Did the United States Taxpayer fund our own captivity?


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Episode Four: Birth Of The One Percent,
from the novel - The Survival Guide For The One Percent

This is the episode that provides how critical financial information was sent back in time, and to the ancestors of the programmers for the government's project.

The programers played along with, and preyed upon their bosses. Their bosses constantly referred to them as Geeks, and inferred they had no knowledge of the real world.

Withstanding the ridicule, from those of superior ranks, the programmers knew, and enjoyed the knowledge that they had changed a vast percentage of reality. They knew that their bosses were there, only due to the programmers design.

The programmers did not know that those chasing them were getting ever closer to finding them. Some of the people they had been able to send back had been caught. Many that had been caught were being tortured. Their captors were determined to close in, and find all involved.

This episode also introduces the third set of players. The programmers were unaware that their actions were not of their own making, or design. They, too, were only a part of a far larger strategy to rewrite human history, prior to the industrial revolution.

Thanks so very much to all who have been following, and have helped out an author to eat, and pay his bills. Seeing the sales of each subsequent episode stay strong demonstrates I haven't been losing readers.

Thanks, again.

Dave Murray

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