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From the author of: The Survival Guide For The One Percent

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Free samples are provided for each episode.

There is a very brief description of Episode One below, but there is something more that needs to be said about the theme of the novel. The image above links to the message that I need a reader to review, regarding my novel.

A brief description of Episode One: Where History Can Be Hacked

Episode one provides the basics of how all of this came to begin. Subsequent episodes of the novel are about the chase for those involved, their attempts to retain the new history they created, and their attempts to escape their well deserved payback.

This novel is about the hunt, and the payback. The New One Percent, as well as the programmers, are being pursued, within their new histories, as well as the old. It's the story of how the war we're all now witnessing, between most of the ultra wealthy, came to begin.

Nearly 96% of buyers of Episode One have continued on to purchase all subsequent episodes. It is my impression that if I provide new potential readers an easy path to the series of episodes, I will likely develop, and keep new readers.

A brief description of Episode Two: Reformation

Their vessel is known as the Gallatin. The rigors of their mission, and an unexpected confrontational encounter with a vessel of identical design, had left it with few instruments useful for navigation. The attacks upon them had demonstrated that the program's original goals had been abandoned. The team's survival instructor had successfully trained three of the crewmembers, and they helped save the lives of all who remained. The crew's continued survival was, nonetheless, still in jeopardy.

The new ranking officer had suggested the crew split up into two groups. Each group would return to facilities associated with their launch. One group would head west, and one east.

Utilizing the shuttle from the Gallatin, half of the remaining crew returned to what they believed to be the site of Edwards Air Force Base; their point of departure. It no longer existed. They turned east to reunite with the other crew, but as they passed over the central plains of the United States, they encountered a herd of buffalo they estimated to be in excess of two hundred thousand. The survival training officer was pleased by the sight of an inexhaustible source of protein, but he also became suspicious that time had not been adequate for the return of herds that large. He demanded they reverse course to a location that could help confirm the year.

Episode Three: Special Varieties Of Hell,
from the novel - The Survival Guide For The One Percent

I haven't been subtle, when I describe this novel as one involving Payback. The survival guide is not just for any of us trying to survive the negative impacts of the One Percent, upon our lives. It is about the need for the One Percent to survive their new, and long overdue need to fight for survival.

This episode introduces new major players in a world created by design, and blunder. This episode also begins to show where the novel is going to take the readers. The first chapter, which you may read fully, within the sample provided, introduces the players that are chasing the creators of the era of The One Percent. The punishments imposed upon them are not only comparable to injuries they inflicted upon others, they are specific to the worst examples others were forced to endure.

Episode Four: Birth Of The One Percent,
from the novel - The Survival Guide For The One Percent.

This is the episode that provides how critical financial information was sent back to the ancestors of the government project's programmers.

The programers played along with, and preyed upon their bosses. Their bosses constantly referred to them as Geeks, and inferred they had no knowledge of the real world.

Withstanding the ridicule, from those of superior ranks, the programmers knew, and enjoyed the knowledge that they had changed a vast percentage of reality. They knew that their bosses were there, only due to the programmers design.

The programmers did not know that those chasing them were getting ever closer to finding them. Some of the people they had been able to send back had been caught. Many that had been caught were being tortured. Their captors were determined to close in, and find all involved.

This episode also introduces the third set of players. The programmers were unaware that their actions were not of their own making, or design. They, too, were only a part of a far larger strategy to rewrite human history, prior to the industrial revolution.

Episode Five: Fiat Currencies,
from the novel - The Survival Guide For The One Percent

Episode Five is about money. It's about how it came to exist; why it is vital to be in the business of owning it, and about all who do, came to be.

I have become an agnostic, so I should acknowledge that, before I include the following.

All the way back to the time of Christ, those who wrote of his activities included sections about his attitude towards money changers.

There was a realization that any accepted unit of currency could become the most valuable unit of power, and influence. If you get yourself involved directly within the flow of that energy, you can control the speed, and influence the direction of any economy, or civilization.

I suppose that if Jesus Christ existed, and if he was as wise as has been described of him, his actions of purging the money changers demonstrated, over two thousand years ago, that there can't be a small group of people allowed to exist, if they are capable of influencing such a high percentage of all activities.

If selling, or creating money, or currencies becomes a formal business practice, it elevates this small group of people to a station, within our society, with far too much power, and influence over all of our activities. This has been known for thousands of years, and it is written that Jesus Christ warned us all of it.

European nations have been under the yoke of such organizations, since the time of Christ, and have grown steadily more powerful, over the last two thousand years.

That yoke tightened severely with the creation of, and by certain texts within, the Treaty Of Versailles. Portions of that treaty included the creation of the Bank For International Settlements. This was the bank into which Germany was required to pay, and deposit reparations for the costs, and damages caused by World War One. For more information on this bank, please click here for a description from Wikipedia.

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