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From the author of: The Survival Guide For The One Percent

The Bank For International Settlements

Angela Merkel voted as the person of the year.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been voted, by Time Magazine, as the person of the year, for 2015.

It is not only disgraceful, it is far more. Why were her tactics of using a bank as a weapon, equally as devastating as a naval blockade, tolerated then, as well as now?

The sovereign Greek nation found itself under an international embargo, just as complete as would have been the use of a military blockade. What caused the international community to ignore what would have been an act of war? What covert intentions were at play?     Was she sending a message globally?

Why was Angela Merkel voted as the person of the year.
Angela Merkel voted as the person of the year.

A senior EU official described Merkel's demands to be an "exercise in extensive mental water boarding" to secure Greek acquiescence, and a public capitulation.

Merkel's austere early life, in East Germany, appears to be driving her definition of authority.

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She took an extremely demanding stance, while exhibiting few symptoms of personal compassion. Her early life might explain her hard line display, but was it more of an attempt to conform to the goals of those she emulates, and sought to impress.

Germany, after having been provided forgiveness of billions of dollars in unpaid loans, by countries including Greece, after WWII, was forcing Greece to its knees, because Greece announced that it "might" miss its next interest payment.

Heil Merkel !!!

Angela Merkel blockades Greece, without using a navy.

Recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel became the chief belittler of Alexis Tsipras, the current Prime Minister of Greece. She was also the driving force, and captain of the cheer leading squad, behind the demands, by the ECB, that Greece engage in extreme austerity programs. She even promoted a campaign, directed at the Greek electorate, to dispose of their Prime Minister at the upcoming election. An extensive media campaign demanded the Greek voters capitulate to her demands, prior to her giving approval for Greece to obtain any further loans, from any bank associated with the Switzerland based central banking system. That meant that every bank in the world, would, as a result of a thinly veiled threat from the BIS, decline to provide Greece credit.

The voters declined her offer, so her strangle hold escalated. Access to credit from suppliers of food, medicine, and every basic necessity was prohibited. The use of Euros to pay vendors for such products produced outside of, and imported into Greece was also prohibited, unless approved by a Ministry of Finance commission. That process could take weeks, or months.

The sovereign Greek nation found itself under an embargo, just as complete as it would have been, with the use of a naval blockade. The nation was, prior to capitulation, running very short of everything.

Greece could only borrow money from the ECB. (European Central Banks are charter banks to the Bank for International Settlements.)

The austerity programs Merkel required were severe, and included breaches of contracts, with its employees, laying off of thousands more. Above all, Greece had to guarantee that all payments, for any internal programs, or budget items, of any sort, would become subordinate to the payments of principal, and interest, for their existing, and future loans. "Pay us first, before you pay anyone" was her theme.

The previous austerity programs, imposed some years earlier, had already been shown to be counterproductive. Those programs diminished the national productivity rate, and may have been the cause for Greece to be at risk of providing their next interest payments.

Greece was now driven into an even deeper recession. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, was also the lead in preventing negotiations related to the forgiveness on any of Greece's previous loans. I find her attitude, and actions to have been despicable.

Merkel's actions are a re-run of what happened in the United States, over one-hundred eighty years earlier, when the Second Bank of the United States threw the country into a deep recession. The bank's administrator intended to make United States President Andrew Jackson capitulate to the bank's economic policies, for the United States.

United States President Andrew Jackson had it right, over one hundred eighty years ago.

In retaliation to Jackson, the bank's administrator, named Nicholas Biddle, contracted bank credit, and induced a serious, and protracted financial downturn in the United States economy. It was the beginning of what came to be known as the Bank War. Biddle's reaction to the President's actions confirmed Jackson's concerns over any national, or central bank's capabilities of exercising excessive power.

Nicholas Biddle, a single individual, within a single powerful bank, was capable,

and willing to inflict injury upon the United States, due primarily to a personal grudge, with its chief executive. Ignoring the widespread financial crisis, the Second Bank of the United States pursued a tight credit policy in order to coerce Congress into resuming the fight for the central bank's rechartering.

A reaction developed throughout America's financial, and business centers against Biddle's economic warfare. The Bank's decline, and fall ended in 1841, with the liquidation of the institution's assets. Jackson's campaign against the Second Bank of the United States had triumphed.

Nonetheless, the problem did not go away. It returned far larger; more powerful; more threatening, and on an international scale. Merkel represents them, today.

Regardless of the news media's coverage of how, and from where any money for loans would be coming from, the monies would have passed through the Bank for International Settlements. Members of the Board of Directors were present throughout all negotiations, because they are the primary bank for the creation, and management of the Euro.

Those in this business have ultimate control over any democracy they choose. As usual, monies needed for purposes critical to daily needs are the least likely to be approved.

Is anyone surprised that Merkel was East German, prior to the two Germanys combining? I am not.

For more information, please examine another article on what occurred, and the support Merkel possessed. You may click on the text image below, to open a new, with the article.

The European System of Central Banks has declared war on Greece.

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