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From the author of: The Survival Guide For The One Percent

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The following paragraphs, and the articles, for which I have provided links, relate to the historical events that brought European wealth, and hierarchy to the United States.

They are not written in the style of my novel. The writing style of the novel falls into what is referred to as Narrative. The novel is telling a story, and within it are characters assuming the roles of individuals similar to those that actually existed. They were uniquely instrumental in directing the events that gave us our world's present financial structure, and more significantly, the nature of its currencies.

Since I wrote the novel, I have felt compelled to provide specific historical events that are not fictitious, so that you, as a potential reader, might comprehend what motivated me write the novel. I have been watching the sometimes carefully orchestrated, and more often unscrupulous competition, for a share of the funds, delivered to the world, from what is now a global central banking system.

With currencies no longer tied to a specific fungible commodity, such as gold, why are, and who is, forcing nations, and their citizens to struggle, and in many cases, lose the fight for basic survival? It makes no sense, unless there are some pompous creeps rationalizing their right to enforce some ridiculous set of obsolete rules. It turns out these creeps exist, and it has taken them over two-hundred years to solidify their position, and status. The vote, by the nations comprising the Eurozone, for a common currency, solidified their direct control of 95% of global GDP.

The events creating the crash of 2008 placed, what appears to have been, a large speed bump, in the last stages of their plan. It has taken nearly eight years for a return, but their deliberate pursuit of the manipulation of the Greek electorate, and economy is the most recent example of them asserting their dominance. Among the articles I provide, please be sure to examine that one.

The events leading up to 2008, and the brutal disregard for those, upon whom the financial services industry preyed, weren't new. History is replete with such circumstances. It is, nonetheless, critical to examine the many historical events, and the individuals involved, who attempted to prevent the existence of an unelected ruling authority. Unfortunately for those of us who remember a strong United States, and have recently witnessed its demise, also know how much effort was made by those people who shaped its beginning. They understood the attempts by a European based banking system to become that authority. They presented an aggressive defensive front, and introduced legislation designed specifically to protect us from an industry hiding in the shadows.

                                           For the United States, it started here:

United States President Andrew Jackson had it right, over one hundred eighty years ago.

There are plenty of folks that have a very low regard for Andrew Jackson. Click here for a little more about why I still recommend that you know why his actions were so beneficial.

If a democracy acquires burdensome debt, their nation may be dictated to, by their lenders. Their lenders possess no constitutional protections, unless the nation's representatives gather in a central location, where they are persuaded to create, and subsequently enact, legislation beneficial to their lenders.

Prior to the formation of the Second Bank of the United States, there had been two attempts to form a national bank. Neither had been particularly successful. Objections to the existence of a national bank, during the early stages of building our nation, were related to the personalities, and associations of the individuals attempting to obtain, and maintain their involvement. A new nation, even as young, and asset poor as the United States, required sources of capital. The established European banks were well aware of the opportunities the new nation would provide, and all were anxious to become established there. They all provided individuals to lobby the nation's legislators to establish a national bank.

If a national, or central United States bank was established, its Board members would be far too likely to place the needs of a European bank, over the needs, and goals of the United States. If there were wealthy individuals, within the United States, and the nation might approach them for capital, they too would likely be aligned with established European banks. Inevitably, there would be continuous attempts to establish a new central bank. With one, there would be a limited number of individuals that must be approached, when ever the United States needed to borrow money.

President Andrew Jackson was, by no means, a timid man. He resisted the establishment of any bank that could dictate policy to the new country's Executive, and Legislative branches. He had come to the conclusion that the newly formed Second Bank of the United States' growth, and its potentially deleterious impact, upon the country, was inevitable. Utilizing executive action, he denied the rechartering of the bank.

In retaliation to Jackson, the bank's administrator, named Nicholas Biddle, contracted bank credit, and induced a serious, and protracted financial downturn in the United States economy. It was the beginning of what came to be known as the Bank War. Biddle's reaction to the President's actions confirmed Jackson's concerns over any national, or central bank's capabilities of exercising excessive power.

Nicholas Biddle, a single individual, within a single powerful bank, was capable, and willing to inflict injury upon the United States, due primarily to a personal grudge, with its chief executive. Ignoring the widespread financial crisis, the Second Bank of the United States pursued a tight credit policy in order to coerce Congress into resuming the fight for the central bank's rechartering.

A reaction developed throughout America's financial, and business centers against Biddle's economic warfare. The Bank's decline, and fall ended in 1841, with the liquidation of the institution's assets. Jackson's campaign against the Second Bank of the United States had triumphed.

Nonetheless, the problem did not go away. It returned far larger; more powerful; more threatening, and on an international scale.

                                             It became:

A Clear, and Present Danger,
before the phrase became official.

If you have found yourself thinking that the financial markets are managed even more insanely, then they were prior to 2008, you would surely not be alone. If, however, you were given a clue about the single motivation driving their present direction, would you be willing to examine it?

The Bank For International Settlements

Not long after I decided to include the links to the articles below, an event occurred that displayed the point I wanted to make. This point was made more clearly than any I had seen in my 60+ years. I wrote of it, within a couple of articles about what was being done to Greece.

If you're still someone who thinks discussions of this topic is only from a conspiracy theory kook, then ask yourself how this person's actions got her named 2015 "Person of the Year".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel displayed a brutal, condescending, and disgustingly authoritative attitude towards Alexis Tsipras, the current Prime Minister of Greece. She became vicious in the demands she required from Greece, or she would, and more accurately did, shut much of Greece's economy down. She went as far as to establish a complete embargo over Greece, and shut down even their ability to obtain all food stuffs that were not produced, within the country's boundaries.

Prior to Merkel, the leader of a country, using the ECB to prevent Greek citizens access to, or use of, the Euro to purchase necessities, they would have had to use naval war vessels, in order to accomplish such a thorough embargo. The United Nations would have called for an emergency session to address a clear "Act of War".

Instead, nations sat lethargically by, and exhibited a very strange indifference to her actions. I felt like shouting out, "What is going on here? This is paramount to an "Act of War". Why aren't any of you doing something to stop this?

Why weren't they? Because she was displaying, for the first time, that an attack on a sovereign nation, by the international central banking system, could be made overtly. They all knew that the power over all of them was making an overt threat, and they had never seen it before. They were all afraid, because they, unlike most of us, knew who the real power over democracies was. Regardless of their status as an elected official, they know they are insignificant to the power held in the hands of the Board members of the BIS.

If you're still someone who thinks discussions of this topic is only from a conspiracy theory kook, then ask yourself how Merkel's actions got her named 2015 "Person of the Year".

All you have to do to be chosen Person of the Year, by Time Magazine, is make a spectacle of yourself, on international television. Then you must forcefully demand that a country pays the BIS loan payments, even before you pay your employees, or your police, and firefighters, not even your suppliers of food. Merkel displayed the Genetic Predisposition Syndrome perfectly. Click on the next text image to learn more about 2015 choice for Person of the Year.

Who is the BIS?

There are nineteen specific people, on the Board of the Bank For International Settlements - (BIS). It isn't a position for which one might apply. They're elected. By whom would be intensely interesting to know. It is alleged that they are descendants of the Rothschilds, but I haven't yet tracked the ancestry of any of them. How much that really matters is uncertain. Does their ancestry matter? They're simply the arrogant creeps. They have not permitted a United States citizen to be elected CEO, or Chairman, since the original board was established in May of 1930, by an intergovernmental agreement. Between 1933, and 1945 the BIS board of directors included two prominent Nazi Party officials.

You may be sure, however, that they are the planet's elite of the elite, as well as, the people that now rule over whatever nation, and official they wish.

This first article is an alternate first chapter to the series of articles called, "The Silk Road to the Central Bank". These articles address the "Genetic Predisposition Syndrome" present among those that reside on the boards of the world's central banks.

Chapters Two, and Three of this series of articles provides details of the Board; the history of the organization, as well as some of their extremely controversial activities. Click on the text image below to open Chapter One of the series.

genetic predisposition to dominance over society

Every democracy can, when they have acquired burdensome debt, be dictated to, by their lenders. Their lenders possess no constitutional protections, unless there are representatives sent to central locations, where they create, and then enact legislation beneficial to their lenders. Click on the text image below to open a list of related articles.

Who is this unelected authority?

Click on the next text image to learn more about who this organization is.

genetic predisposition to dominance over society

The research I had to perform to write this novel left me astounded.

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Nearly 96% of buyers of Episode One have continued on to purchase all subsequent episodes. It is my impression that if I provide new potential readers an easy path to the series of episodes, I will likely develop, and keep new readers.

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